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A documentary short film series about people that use sticker art to communicate their projects and world views.



Polaroid photo of sticker art

Why Stickers?

The stickers start the interaction and are the link to urban cultures. These series are about the creators of the stickers and has the objective to build new connections and amplify ideas. 

Polaroid photo of sticker art

People & Collectives

Each documentary will focus on one person or collective that uses this form of street art to communicate their project, art, craft, social movement, or skill. It's about their thought processes, personal stories, goals, and motivations.

Polaroid photo of sticker art

the goal

Framed in the present but without neglecting continually evolving processes, this series will deconstruct urban cross-linked cultures with the aim to better understand personal complex realities.


Dan photo
Dan Avram
Dan Avram is a Romanian/Uruguayan videographer based in Berlin. He has vast experience working in the film and advertising industries performing different roles on set and in post. At the moment he's interested in developing documentary projects.
Emilia photo
Emi Carlevaro
Emi Carlevaro is an Uruguayan visual artist and producer based in Berlin since 2016. Her whole life has taken place around the independent film and music industries. At the moment she directs her attention, with an activist and visionary approach, to cultural projects.